Our Motto

Sustainability refers to the need for the current generations not to deplete resources in meeting their needs, thus enabling a balance that allows future generations to meet their needs by using resources. Sustainability encompasses economic, environmental, and social factors.

Environmental sustainability involves the balanced use of natural resources, the preservation of biodiversity, and minimizing adverse impacts on the environment. This includes topics such as clean energy use, waste management, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

At KLIVET, we have chosen SUSTAINABILITY as this year's motto.
As part of the symposium, we have included the following topics in our plans aligned with the Sustainability motto:

  • We will share the congress program and materials digitally, providing information to you through our online platform, aiming to reduce paper usage and achieve energy savings.
  • Following discussions with the Titanic Deluxe Belek Hotel, where our symposium will be held, zero carbon-compliant food and beverage options will be offered. Organic, local, and sustainably sourced agricultural products will be preferred.
  • We will select congress materials, print, and promotional items from sustainable materials, aiming to use recycled paper and print only when necessary.
  • We will contribute to carbon offsetting projects to compensate for symposium-related greenhouse gas emissions. Collaborating with the Theme Foundation, we will support tree planting or renewable energy projects.
  • Recycling points will be established in the symposium area.