Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to invite all of you to the 12th KLİVET Spring Symposium, which we have been diligently preparing for and will take place from February 29th to March 3rd, 2024.

As is our tradition, the KLİVET Spring Symposium focuses on a specific theme each year, thoroughly exploring it from various perspectives. This year, we have chosen "Traumatology" as our theme, inspired by the frequent trauma cases we encounter in our clinics. We have prepared a comprehensive scientific program in collaboration with esteemed experts from around the world to address high-risk trauma cases. From ocular traumas to jaw injuries, spinal damage, and thoracic or abdominal trauma patients, we will collectively delve into various types of trauma in this symposium, covering all areas of traumatology.

Throughout these three days, our exhibition area will be enhanced by the participation of our valued companies, adding vibrancy to the event. Expect exciting surprises in our foyer area. Additionally, we have prepared a special social program exclusively for you. Together, we will unwind and rejuvenate through surprise activities.

In an era of rapid advancement in medicine and technology, it is crucial for us to excel in our profession by staying updated and expanding our knowledge and vision. Therefore, I extend a warm invitation to all of you to join us at the 12th KLİVET Spring Symposium.

Best regards,
Çağıl Çokcoşkun Yılmaz
KLIVET President

Dear Colleagues,

We take great pride in inviting all of you to the 12th KLIVET Spring Symposium, which we will be organizing this year.

Just like every year, we are excited and proud to host you at our symposium, which we have meticulously prepared with great effort.

This year, we have chosen "Traumatology in Cats and Dogs" as our theme. As in previous years, we will delve into the diagnosis and treatment of trauma cases frequently encountered in our clinics, presenting the latest information and methods with six distinguished speakers who are experts in the field.

Our foyer area, enriched by the valuable participation of our sponsor companies who have consistently supported us over the years, will offer many surprises. Alongside the scientific program where we update our knowledge, we have prepared social activities for you to unwind from the day's stress and fatigue.

In the ever-evolving world of veterinary medicine and technology, we invite you all to the KLIVET XII Spring Symposium to practice our profession in the best possible way, update our knowledge and vision, and socialize.

Best regards,
Ümit Örs
Symposium President